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Unlike the original Game Boy, the new console’s memory allows games to resume play at the exact same spot after a power interruption.
Various kinds of immune memory, including some with mechanisms similar to trained immunity, likely also helped invertebrates to survive.
Nasdaq’s nifty bounce yesterday, its biggest gains since April, seems like a distant memory as markets turn negative once again on Thursday.
Kornell compares our memory to water in a bucket that has a small leak.
Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk demonstrated the latest iteration of Neuralink, his brain-implant startup that aims to one day help paralyzed people walk and even save memories or control computers with just a thought.
With optogenetics—the technique of stimulating neurons with light—scientists now know that it’s possible to incept memories by targeting just a few key neurons in a circuit.
It was impossible not to feel excited, and I allowed it all to sink into my memory.
It provides the ability to pay off debts, save money for a future home, and create beautiful memories along the way.
Considering the same team unveiled a mobile ground station earlier this year as well as a technique for connecting quantum memories over distances of up to 50 kilometers, it seems China is well ahead in the race for a quantum internet.
Thus, video content should be crafted so that it easily grabs attention and lingers in the memory, despite the fact that the ad unit duration barely reaches 15 seconds.


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