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adjective as in masculine, manly

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noun as in man

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But, importantly, Dawkins argues, you can also see it as an adaptation on the part of the male mouse, a way that his phenotype is manipulating the female’s reproductive timing.

His primary patients — the players — are all male, mostly very young, and of course extraordinarily athletic.

The company that breeds the modified males says it addressed people’s concerns about environmental impacts.

Almost nine in every 10 male skeletons showed signs of cut marks that occurred around the time of death — as did eight in 10 of the female skeletons.

Most consumers are male, while sellers are women, often the family breadwinners.

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The breakdown of the 114th Congress is 80 percent white, 80 percent male, and 92 percent Christian.

As a white, educated, Western, middle-class male, I possess most of the unearned privilege the world has to offer.

Complete male reproductive independence would also hinge on artificial womb technology, which also made headlines in 2014.

These days, plenty of women are turning to online sites for no-frills male companionship.

Families stuff a life-size male doll with memories of the outgoing year and dress him in their clothing.

Now what should college give the young citizen, male or female, upon the foundation of schooling we have already sketched out?

Are you quite sure you have never suffered from this rather common disorder, gentle reader, at least, if you be of the male sex?

In these rooms male and female alike were confined, at one time to the number of fifteen; each being allowed 3d.

What she meant neither the Reverend John Dodd, or any other male person, could ever truly know.

When Yung Pak ate his meals, he sat upon a rug on the floor with his father and such male guests as might be in the house.


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