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During courtship and even while mating, the birds pull off a similar feat, mimicking the calls and wingbeat noises of many bird species at once, a new study shows.

The results strongly suggest that naked mole-rats learn their chirp dialects, he says — much as do people, dolphins and some birds.

Descended from birds, the three-eyed, feather-covered creatures lived on a frigid planet with a methane-based atmosphere and gravity 11 times stronger than that on Earth, which, according to 2951 documentation, was now a planet called “Terra.”

Both farms were put in isolation amid fears of the virus spreading to dogs, cats, cattle and even birds.

Members, who are grouped by their immediate neighborhoods, use the app to report bird sightings and alert others about missing pets.

It would be like if after the 40th pipe in Flappy Bird was a scarecrow.

While the chicken today might be the least exotic bird one can think of, it was once a gift that wowed kings.

Exactly when the transition to modern domestic creature took place, for a bird that is wild to this day, is controversial.

Mistletoes on mesquite trees in central Mexico have been linked to a greater abundance of tropical bird species.

He really believed that enumerating the bird population gave understanding.

Fourteen genera, representing about 19 species, of Mallophaga are reported for 20 different species of bird hosts.

The grass had a delightful fragrance, like new-mown hay, and was neatly wound around the tunnel, like the inside of a bird's-nest.

Many of his bird neighbors,p. 31 for instance, liked the same things to eat that he did.

Although the bird people didn't know it, he was anxious to reach his grandchildren.

And then Jolly Robin would feel ashamed that he had even thought of being so cruel to an infant bird, even if he was a Cowbird.


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