Thesaurus / jellyfishes
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But the diminutive cousin in the grotto with the jellyfishes is a bird of quite another feather.

These are the bodies or parts of bodies of jellyfishes which have been cast up by the waves.

Some jellyfishes are so poisonous that they are most dangerous even to man.

Not all medus or jellyfish are produced by polyp individuals, nor do jellyfish always produce polyps and not jellyfishes.

Jellyfishes vary in size from that of a pinhead to six or seven feet in diameter.

The Sea-beach at Ebb-tideAugusta Foote Arnold

The jellyfishes occur in great numbers on the surface of the ocean and are familiar to sailors under the name of "sea-bulbs."

This is true of the jellyfishes which float or swim about on or near the surface of the ocean.

These jellyfishes are common on the Florida coast, huddled together on the sands of the coral reefs.

The Sea-beach at Ebb-tideAugusta Foote Arnold