Definition for intertwined

adjective as in crisscross

adjective as in inseparable

adjective as in knotted

adjective as in woven

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Example Sentences

The 2017 Coach of the Year was perhaps more intertwined with his team’s playing style than any other coach in the league.

Symbiotic relationships between bacteria and multicellular organisms are everywhere in nature, but some are more intricately intertwined than others.

I’ve always said living and livelihood are intertwined here in Nashville, in New York, in Los Angeles, in Ohio, in Minnesota, all over this country.

From Ozy

You’d be surprised to find how intertwined it is with our everyday lives.

From Fortune

The company and its location are deeply intertwined in my associations, and that’s true of everywhere I’ve ever worked.

From Quartz

In war, he wrote, “everything is uncertain … all military action is intertwined with psychological forces and effects.”

The future for these five young people, the other Palestinians, and the people of Israel are all intertwined.

Saudi society and government are intricately intertwined with a puritanical flavor of Islam, Wahhabism.

What she fails to comprehend is that for some of us, our personal and professional happiness are intertwined.

The can best be understood, notes veteran Japan-based journalist Karel van Wolferen, as a series of “intertwined hierarchies.”

At her bosom she wore a great brooch, containing intertwined locks of a grandfather and grandmother long since defunct.

Pale as a ghost, her fingers intertwined in a convulsive grip, she knelt by her cousin's bed and told her shameful story.

Although often intertwined and confused with one another, they were, nevertheless, essentially and fundamentally distinct.

For better or for worse, our destinies have been tragically intertwined,—how tragically, I alone know.

Mary and her brothers led the way with Lily, Sue and Clarice following slowly behind with arms intertwined.


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