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Beers said she empathized with young children’s caregivers, for whom this wait has felt interminable.

Waiting for a Kanye West album can be an excruciating, interminable experience.

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It would be best, of course, if both tech companies there and here and government everywhere recognize that they have to work together for the common good rather than fighting interminable turf wars.

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That’s great for some people and certain situations—but sometimes, instead of poring over a seemingly interminable menu, you just want to order the special.

It is because the baseball season is interminable, a grueling slog where success is dependent only partially on talent but also on endurance, which involves so-called intangibles such as chemistry, morale and momentum.

They feed the mind, to be sure, but also help him get through the interminable hours he spends on planes.

Under Sepp Blatter, its interminable head, the body has been opaque and corrupt.

She wore her wounds with pride, addicted to looking as sick as she felt—a warrior in an interminable battle against herself.

Lines at markets are long and the waits seemingly interminable.

He began with a seemingly interminable preface about going fishing with his 10-year-old son, Harry, and spotting a bird in a tree.

She lost herself in the interminable corridors and finally ran into Elton Gwynne.

Finally, after what seemed an interminable period of waiting, Mac's patience frazzled out and he declared for action.

However, revolution followed revolution, and the war appeared to me to be interminable.

Such a course would tend only to bloody and interminable anarchy.

The gently rolling prairie stretched to a creek on one side, and to interminable distance on the other.


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