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There is no happy-go-lucky ending here, only the sense that an ineffable longing we have, to know and be known, is so precious and rare that most of us never find its fulfillment here on earth.

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Over thousands of years, people have landed on only vague clues in pursuit of the keys to this ineffable magnetism.

More broadly, intuition captures that ineffable way a human brain generates insight.

A lot of what mathematicians do when they approach a new problem is ineffable.

At a high level, a lot of what mathematicians do when they approach a new problem is ineffable.

It was something ineffable and harder to define: freedom of speech.

And on that score, on that ineffable quality called charisma, Walker may face his biggest challenges.

Consider this latest ineffable outrage making the rounds on conservative websites.

Sometimes there's a thing in the air, an ineffable thing, that just makes it all work.

They need God to feel immanent, nearly material like a Greek deity, while we need God to be thought ineffable and mysterious.

The young man's face suddenly changed, and assumed an expression of ineffable gentleness.

A strange spell came over the gazer, a spell of tender awe and ineffable peace.

But the teacher does not go beyond this, and descant upon the opposite conditions, and promise joys ineffable and full of glory.

She chatted as usual in very good spirits, and just before he went she told him the report with a smile of ineffable scorn.

Balaustion—wild pomegranate flower—has in her something of the Greek; but she has also an ineffable touch of our modern time.


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