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verb as in defend

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Mori spent much of Thursday attempting to apologize and fend off calls for his resignation.

From Fortune

In order for the FAST platforms to fend off this influx of competition, “you have to differentiate yourself,” said a second agency executive.

From Digiday

States, left by the federal government to fend for themselves, have struggled to get a handle on the logistics of distribution.

Some people with mild infections may not need to marshal a significant immune response to fend off the virus, Foxman says.

Every financial institution is looking to digital transformation to meet rising customer expectations for speed and convenience, lower its operating cost, and fend off competition, including from tech companies moving into financial services.

“Ordinarily, you see punch-counterpunch-punch,” as the attacked party tries to fend off the intruder, the former official said.

But in October, the United States turned to other parts of the battle, leaving the Yazidis largely to fend for themselves.

In Arkansas, Democrat Mark Pryor is trying to fend off a strong challenge from Republican Tom Cotton.

By jumping into the race, Lewis could force Emanuel to govern to the left to fend off her attacks.

The Iraqi government had air power and resources available to rescue VIPs but left its cities under siege to fend for themselves.

As soon as it awoke, the whole of the little Court was discharged; every one had to fend for himself as best he could.

Old Trull and Bonney caught up the pike-poles to fend off with.

They had recently been turned loose to fend for themselves by their poor old master who was no longer able to feed them.

In blind distress he stumbled to his feet and shied from her with hands outspread to fend away the monstrous thing.

"Can't help it, Griffiths—let the weakest fend off," was the hero's reply.


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