Thesaurus / far flung


The Texan, instead of trying to catch some view of the far flung battle lines, was out to increase his score.

Aces UpCovington Clarke

The screen must not only be far flung, but it must be made as far as possible impenetrable.

In fact, it might well change the entire course of the war in the far flung Pacific.

Dave Dawson on GuadalcanalRobert Sydney Bowen

Their zone of operations was far flung, extending from the Arctic Circle to the Equator.

Submarine Warfare of To-dayCharles W. Domville-Fife

So far flung was their fame as money-lenders that usury was called “Fuggerei”!

Far flung along the pleasant valley lay a vast picture possible in no other land or day.

The Covered WagonEmerson Hough

She was at the center of a far flung concavity of crest and range.

The Chalice Of CourageCyrus Townsend Brady

He began to suspect that it was not really a member of any group, but was a far flung outpost visited but rarely.

The Sun Of QuebecJoseph A. Altsheler

Near the end of the third day Captain Robb contacted his far flung crew members over helmet intercom.

Moon GlowG. L. Vandenburg

This trend toward country living, now so far flung as to be a characteristic of American life, is not just a fad.

If You're Going to Live in the CountryThomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley

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