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Thermal Beach Club also promised to support the strangely extant surf club at Desert Mirage High School.

Jefferson was an eager champion of the arch as a symbol of the nation’s grandeur, but even in this early rendering — the first extant painting of the bridge — you detect the range of its symbolic ambiguity.

Finding extant life to determine its nature will require drilling down hundreds of meters to reach underground water where life might still thrive, bringing up samples, culturing them, and subjecting them to analysis.

Unlike most films in the Disney princess pantheon, Raya’s story isn’t taken from any extant cultural source, but comes from the brain of veteran Disney director Bradley Raymond, known mainly for directing sequels like Lion King 3 and Pocahontas 2.

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As a result, the newly described fossil “fills a gap between the Nile crocodile in Africa and the four extant American species,” Delfino says.

In London it is located in the Duveen Gallery where half the extant marbles sit under white light as if in a morgue.

In fact, Lau believes that cases of sexual assault do not belong in a university, but in the extant legal and judicial systems.

Alas, CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler has already said that if Extant is a hit like Dome, it will return next year.

Today,” Deptula said, “the Russians have an extant significant advantage in their surface to air capabilities.

The extant issues are numerous but at least we know what they are.

Norumbegam illi nobis nescio quam, vrbsque & castella nominant, quorum hodie ne vmbra quidem aut ipsa vox extant.

Double purfled violins seem never to have left his hands, as none appear to be extant and no mention is made of any.

These four instruments are considered by most of the virtuosi, to be probably the finest examples extant of this great master.

So easy am I in my mind that I have not even sent down to my office to see if the papers are still extant.

Over one hundred panegyrics of various saints written by St. Augustine are still extant.


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