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More about partons — Science News, February 13, 1971Experiments in which protons and neutrons were bombarded with high-energy electrons have given indications that protons and neutrons are not amorphous masses but composed of distinct subparticles.

When a photon crossed each molecule, it booted an electron — first from one hydrogen atom, then the other.

Measurements made with hydrogen atoms, which have a single electron orbiting a proton, gave us one answer.

This part of the sky contains a high density of free ions and electrons, and when the electrons collide with other particles, energy is released as light and elves take form.

Examining thin sections of the graft with electron microscopy, he saw that the cells had openings larger than any previously seen.

You have the atom, which has the neutron, the electron, the proton.

But with an electron micgrograph to illustrate what was fueling the outbreak, they were able to gain the trust of the people.

When the gamma rays enter the sleeve, they interact with that photon gas, annihilating into electron-positron pairs.

Back in 1897, British physicist J.J. Thomson discovered the electron, which, as of then, was the biggest finding of all time.

No one imagined in 1897 what the electron would do, or how it would change humanity.

The loss of one electron by an atom leaves a unit positive charge on the particle.

The electron is a stress in the ether, nothing more, but it is the stuff of which all matter is made.

"I think I am getting somewhere on my photon-neutrino-electron interchange-cycle," he announced.

Or there may be an inelastic collision, when the photon hits an atom and knocks out an electron—the old photoelectric effect.

The Greek name for amber, ηλεκτρον (electron), is the root from which our word electricity is derived.


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