Antonyms for dissentients

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The secretary noted the dissentients, six in number, and that Mr. Westgate did not vote.

Mr. Temple, General Marriott, and Mr. Hanford were the only dissentients.

Nevertheless, dissentients came in, and disputes have prevailed.

They gave out their own thoughts in their own way, with little or no regard to dissentients.

The field was now cleared for the orderly persecution of the dissentients.

They called their church Paradise, from which all dissentients were promptly expelled.

The amendment was carried with only three dissentients out of fifteen.

At least, the Rector and the Doctor were the only dissentients.

They believed that it imposed an unreasonable burden and according to the dissentients was, therefore, void.

If unanimity is not attained, at least each of the dissentients will better understand what he rejects as well as what he adopts.