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The Sosoon beard brush and comb can untangle whiskers and eliminate the disheveled bed-beard look.

Back at his ramshackle little hut, our disheveled loner rewards her with a nicely prepared dinner of something-or-other.

From Time

They were disheveled, zoned out, and looking like predators resting after a hunt.

This sound envelopes Danielle toward the end of the film, disheveled and emotionally overwhelmed as she approaches Kim and Max.

This place gave me hope that if we give our local landscapes a chance—not despite how disheveled they are or what history they might hold, but because of it—we are likely to be amazed.

Lemkin hung around the proceedings, disheveled and unkempt, but determined.

When he expresses concern over her bruised and disheveled appearance, she lies and tells him that she fainted.

The seizing of an American reporter was only a matter of time, and the bespectacled and disheveled Ostrovsky was a prime target.

In the language of fashion, their twenty-something, cool-girl angst apparently translates to “disheveled ball gown chic.”

When he arrived there, the disheveled outdoorsman was greeted at the airport by hundreds of fans.

At this point Harry entered and stood afar off, eying Punch, a disheveled heap in the corner of the room, with disgust.

"I have been weeping," she replied sweetly, staunching her wound with a lock of her long disheveled hair.

At the center of the sanctuary stood Perrette the Ribald, her hair disheveled like a Bacchante's.

Still warm from his ride and insultingly disheveled, he sat in the imitation of the great throne on his capital planet, Hebryxid.

This tree, as well as the drooping acacia, leaned over the ground with long leaves like disheveled hair.


On this page you'll find 54 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to disheveled, such as: bedraggled, messy, rumpled, dirty, disarranged, and disarrayed.

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