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adjective as in speckled

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Half of the 18 counties in Oregon’s timber-dominant region lost more money from tax cuts on private forests than from the oft-blamed reduction of logging on federal lands stemming from environmental protections for the northern spotted owl.

Unconfirmed reports in the French media claimed that the brothers were spotted at a gas station in northern France on Thursday.

They were looping back around and coming down Tiebout Avenue when they spotted two figures.

Other officials told reporters that searchers also spotted a life vest and baggage in the water.

There, Jesse once again spotted Wahlberg and his friends lurking.

Conservative hit man turned liberal media critic David Brock, spotted smoking an e-cigarette in the lobby.

The general ensemble of war-paint and spotted ponies was enough for me; I didn't need to be told that it was my move.

Quite a shower of shell fell all about us, the Turks having spotted there was some sort of "bloke" on the Rattlesnake.

Spotted Flycatchers appear, however, to vary in numbers to a certain extent in different years.

The worst of it is, we kain't start the ball a-rollin' till we get that girl spotted—that's the hell of it!

So they bore Spotted Snake away with them in the canoe, while the Dogtown gang shrieked farewells from the old landing.


On this page you'll find 34 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to spotted, such as: blotched, dappled, dotted, flaked, flecked, and freckled.

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