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Coca-Cola has announced that it is discontinuing Tab after 57 years on the market, and fans of the drink will have until the end of December to purchase their last can of nostalgia.

Back in 2010, Kodak discontinued its Aerochrome infrared film, which had a truly unique look that rendered greens as bright pink.

The resulting Milkybar Wowsomes chocolate was discontinued after about a year because it didn’t offer the same creaminess of full-sugar chocolate, though the company has not given up on sugar-reduction research.

From Fortune

Among the brands being discontinued are its Zico coconut water brand and Tab cola.

From Digiday

The company recently discontinued the Nest Secure, its $500 home security system, so, on one hand, it is out of the home security market.

Sorties by nuclear-capable bombers had been discontinued in 1992 as the Cold War came to an end, but Putin resumed them in 2007.

Despite repeated requests, the department was unable to say how many of those, if any, have had their services discontinued.

More recently, the carrier-mounted radar has been discontinued and surface combatants will have ARPDD.

Shortly after Holder's decision on the FBI, Bratton has discontinued a high profile unit in the NYPD's own surveillance program.

Sebelius said a lot of the policies being discontinued “are not true insurance.”

The Portsmouth Road has known no through coach since his “Rocket” was discontinued.

The soldiers so frequently threw away copper coin given them in change as valueless, that many natives discontinued to offer it.

It is probable that if any of them discontinued the medicine the seizures would return.

The Espelho was a government paper; but the writer has discontinued it, having become a member of the Assembly.

In 1878 the Central Authority suggested that such relief "might be almost entirely discontinued."


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