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The collaborative online office and document service was not loading as of around 9am ET on Friday, preventing anyone who relies on the service from accessing their cloud-stored data.
As a creative team, in a highly collaborative process of making greeting cards, we were able to pivot very quickly into something we could do remotely.
Looking at the future of collaborative spaces, Gold said there’s a part of the advertising industry that has known that virtual spaces like Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are technologies that should have been adopted a long time ago.
So, instead of hosting a virtual meeting, colleagues in an asynchronous work environment would share a deck of a new initiative they’re working on via a cross-company platform and take feedback via a collaborative tool.
The work also represented a new kind of collaborative journalism rooted in trust and respect for the people who stepped forward to share their stories.
Many marketers were thrust into a remote working environment, not always an approach conducive to the collaborative nature of the creative job.
That will remain critical when people return to the office along with more collaborative open workspaces.
However, traditional recommendations powered by collaborative filtering don’t really provide the most relevant product selection to the customer as they’re anchored on a product-to-product relationship.
She is one of the ringleaders of a new collaborative platform to change how pancreatic-cancer research is done, on both the diagnostic and therapeutic sides.
Those fish select the most competent eels, demonstrating a collaborative sophistication once thought limited to humans and certain primates.


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


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