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And—it’s funny, because I have yet to watch the show—the idea of the trilogy moving in a nonlinear and more associative instead of sequential logic came from somebody telling me about the TV show The Affair.

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Pavlov’s dog is the most well-known example of classical conditioning, in which a dog salivates in response to a ringing bell because it has formed an associative memory between the bell and food.

This meant that forming an associative memory involves synapse formation and loss, but not necessarily changes in the strength of existing synapses, as previously thought.

Unlike most games that bend over backward to deliver easily digestible narratives, “Genesis Noir” leans into abstraction and associative logic with unabashed zeal.

In the book’s best bits, his broad thesis provides fertile ground for expansive and erudite associative thought.

Who is Friedman's source (and, by the associative property, Shapiro's)?

Certain professors see a chance to benefit from this associative taint.

So, you know, I think the other thing…I think we suffered quite a few associative attacks from Obama.

I mean, instead, a mind that is thoughtful, curious, with a discernable pattern of associative thinking and insight.

Thus, the thinking of primitive man is almost exclusively associative.

By one of those associative reversals which are common in the field of mythology, this then reacted upon the corpse itself.

The element of associative suggestion also enters into the manifestation of sthetic emotional feeling.

The utility of smell would be great because it is accurate, and hence powerful in its associative quality.

We say nothing here of Relative or Associative Beauty,this has never been  doubted either in its essence or its value.


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