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Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vacciiiiiiiiiiiiiine I’m begging you, please go in my arm.

From Fortune

Our model still thinks City and Liverpool are the respective best and second-best team in the league — and by some margin — but the Premier League table begs to differ.

One morning, a well-to-do couple named Lawrence and Pauline Treherne unexpectedly show up at the Polydorus, practically begging for Susan’s help.

Trick-or-treating still exists, but increasingly, it doesn’t involve small bands of children wandering their neighborhood at night, unsupervised, to beg for candy.

From Vox

The Ulanzi tripod can be easily transformed into a selfie stick, allowing you to capture all the photos you want without having to beg a stranger.

I answered his questions perfunctorily, begging off that I was soon to return to my dorm, as I was tired.

As long as Western governments talk tough one minute and hold out the begging bowl the next, not much is likely to change.

The winter air is rent with cries from thousands of puffed up lips, begging to be let in.

They hop around the country begging for dollars, when they used to spend that time together, professionally and socially.

Distraught, confused and ashamed, both men broke down in the courtroom, weeping like children and begging for forgiveness.

They don't seem to think there would be much good gained by begging for special favours through routine channels.

He threw himself on his knees, begging us, in the name of God and all the saints, to spare his life.

What the economist does is to slip out of the difficulty altogether by begging the whole question.

Other orchestra leaders are always writing and begging him to lend them his copies of Oratorios, etc.

This time it was she who was begging him to go away and leave her, and he was forced to comfort her all through the night.


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