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adjective as in aquatic

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We are way better and far more experienced in amphibious warfare than any of these nations, and we would fail if we tried to invade them.

From Time

The TRV-150s also deployed Remus underwater vehicles, releasing them into the sea as part of the amphibious exercise.

The HH-52 had a hoist for grabbing people, but was also amphibious—it could land on the water.

His ground-effect principles became crucial to creating amphibious planes like the Caspian Sea Monster, also known as “ekranoplans” — so much so that the aerodynamic phenomenon powering them was nicknamed Bartini’s Effect.

From Ozy

By then the crew of an amphibious aircraft, an SA-16 Albatross, from Hamilton Air Force Base in California, had spotted what they assumed was the United wreckage, but they couldn’t land for confirmation.

From Time

The Duplex Drive (called DD) was one: an amphibious conversion which could be fitted to a normal Sherman tank.

On June 6, 1944, the greatest amphibious force ever assembled began to fight its way ashore.

Lawmakers have tried to halt the French sale of the Mistral, an amphibious warship, to the Russian Navy.

After the race the Duke and Duchess had a thrilling, bouncy ride across the harbour in an amphibious vehicle.

Prince George was given the coolest kids toy ever today - a miniature amphibious vehicle.

Boatmen and the amphibious harpies who prey upon the traveller reaped a copper and silver harvest of great weight.

The Nile contributes to fecundity more than other rivers, and among other animals of large bulk, produces the amphibious kind.

Then happened one of those aquatic incidents which lend an atmosphere all their own to amphibious war.

"Reminds me of the amphibious exercises we used to have in the Marines," Scotty commented to Rick.

I will merely say, at this time, that the creature referred to is an amphibious biped and inhabits the ocean near this coast.


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