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In small human societies, for thousands of years, there were shifting alliances and status hierarchies, people who were good to cooperate with and people who most people ostracized.

TikTok responded by beginning negotiations with potential buyers, the most likely of included Oracle and a rival alliance of Microsoft and Walmart.

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Part of that work includes Ryan’s CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, an alliance of some 1,200 CEOs who are working collaboratively on inclusion issues in their workforce.

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They include alliances with companies like Adidas and Lego and star designers like Tom Dixon and Virgil Abloh.

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Aggressive interactions and alliances help determine which hyenas are on top, and all individuals know where they stand, Strauss says.

First, one fights with another, then they make an alliance, then they go back to fighting each other.

But with GOP governors slashing budgets across the country, can this odd alliance last?

The book details his confrontations with neoconservatives, and his alliance with Condoleezza Rice.

He entered in an awkward alliance with Lapid to join the government but quickly distanced himself from it.

That alliance between the spy agency and the military, forged in Iraq, would forever change the way America fights wars.

But this alliance is rotten, and cannot endure; the Western men are no partizans of slavery.

Perhaps, like father, I am a snob at heart and liked the sensation of a sort of artistic alliance with the British aristocracy.

He heard Mohammedans alluding to a Brahmin as a leader—so might a wolf and a snake make common alliance against a watch dog.

They accepted baptism as a sort of sacred pledge of friendship and alliance with the French.

Such an alliance was not to be tolerated for a moment, in connection with the last scion of his name and race.


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