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AIs can do a good job of predicting a few frames into the future, but the accuracy falls off sharply after five or 10 frames, says Athanasios Vlontzos at Imperial College London.

Spokeswoman Nika Edwards said in an email that tenants who lose income can request a decrease in rent, but she acknowledged that HUD does not check the accuracy of rent calculations or monitor enforcement on a local level.

Endangered’s publisher, Marc Specter, notes that the game’s developers consulted with the Center for Biological Diversity to ensure scientific accuracy.

Their method may help bring about new levels of predictive accuracy, which theorists desperately need if they are to move beyond the leading but incomplete model of particle physics.

It’s advisable to check periodically for new categories that would enhance the accuracy of your listing.

CIA goes to great lengths to understand the reliability and accuracy of every source.

The grand jury inquiry affords opportunity to test accuracy of witness accounts.

Did the reporters and editors put much value on on accuracy and objectivity, or were they more a part of the party machine?

The Daily Beast has not verified the accuracy of either of these ads.

As such, they emphatically demonstrate the accuracy of the “no risk to public” trope.

Here convincing proof was given of Mme. Mesdag's accuracy, originality of interpretation, and her skill in the use of color.

The quality of artistic beauty in articulation is very important, beyond the mere accuracy which is ordinarily thought of.

For accuracy, 500 to 1000 leukocytes must be classified; for approximate results, 200 are sufficient.

And he wished also to restore her to her natural setting, with the greatest degree of historic accuracy.

Much has been said of the wonderful accuracy of Stradivari's purfling and that as a purfler he stands unrivalled.


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