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Thursday, December 09, 2021

synonym for reserved


adjective [ ret-uh-suhnt ]

reticent is another word for reserved

We’re going to have to pry information out of today’s word because it is reticent. Reticent means “disposed to be silent or not to speak freely.” This tight-lipped adjective is more specific than its synonym reserved, which is widely used of both speech and actions and implies a guardedness born of caution or a sense of formality. Reticent simply describes people who aren’t inclined to chatter. A word to the wise: reticent is used to mean “reluctant” with some regularity, but style guides urge against this broad interpretation in favor of the more precise application.

Commonly found as

shy and reticent
The celebrity was shy and reticent throughout the interview, revealing next to nothing about her personal life.
usually reticent
The new teacher intrigued the usually reticent students, who were suddenly brimming with questions and excitedly talking over one another.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

synonym for decorate


verb [ bih-dek ]

bedeck is another word for decorate

To decorate something is to add ornamentation to it or to embellish it in some way. To bedeck something is to go all out with your ornamental efforts, adorning that object (be it a tree, a room, or one’s outfit) to the point of gaudiness. Bedeck is not a very common term; the shorter verb deck, as in “We were all decked out for the party,” is more familiar. But when bedeck does make an appearance, it's likely for a special occasion. This glitzy verb might describe a person who is drenched in jewels, an architectural feature festooned with flowers, or a tree absolutely covered with ornaments.

Commonly found as

bedeck oneself
Hoping to outshine the artwork at the museum’s opening, she bedecked herself in diamonds and rubies.
tree bedecked with
The tree in the hotel lobby was bedecked with glittery ornaments and multicolored tinsel—it was impossible to miss!

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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

synonym for supporter


noun [ al-ahy, uh-lahy ]

ally is another word for supporter

Both nouns refer to someone who supports or advocates for another person or group of people. One may be a supporter of a particular political party or their candidate, but a supporter can also be a backer of a cause (supporter of the arts). When it comes to putting one’s life on the line, even a staunch supporter may not be quite as dedicated as an ally can be. Ally often refers to a nation state that is associated with another or others for a common purpose (World War II Allies). A more recent use of ally is for a person who supports and advocates for a marginalized or politicized group but is not a member of that group—an ally for the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community; an LGBTQIA+ ally. The status or role of this type of ally is called allyship, which is our 2021 Word of the Year. Read all about it here!

Commonly found as

be(ing) an ally
Although he struggled with it at times, he continued to try to be an ally to his coworkers of color.
close/closest ally
The count remained one of the queen’s closest allies, and she knew she could trust him even when it seemed the entire kingdom was against her.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar