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Friday, December 03, 2021

synonym for amazing


adjective [ pruh-dij-uhs ]

prodigious is another word for amazing

Isn't it amazing how easy it is to overuse the word amazing? Prodigious is a more specific descriptor. Like amazing, prodigious conveys a sense of wonder, but it is used to comment on the size, amount, extent, or degree of what is being described. Items described as prodigious are extraordinary by one of these measures, as a musician with prodigious talent, a research grant of a prodigious amount, or a career notable for its prodigious output.

Commonly found as

prodigious talent, prodigious amount
The violinist's prodigious talent was on full display at the summer concert.
produce + prodigious
The experiment produced a prodigious amount of data.

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Thursday, December 02, 2021

synonym for light


verb [ ih-loo-muh-neyt ]

illuminate is another word for light

To illuminate is to supply with light or to light up. But this verb is not used in exactly the same way as the much more general verb light. For instance, light is more appropriate to talk about the action of igniting or setting something to burn, as a candle. But illuminate is more appropriate for talking about what that lit candle will do: illuminate the room! Stars illuminate the night sky, just as festive lights illuminate residential streets during the holidays. To illuminate a path forward is to shed light on the best course of action—unless of course the path is a literal one from, say, the mailbox to the front door after sunset. In which case, a flashlight should do the trick! Illuminate can also refer to shedding light on a subject, as if to make it more clear or comprehensible.

Commonly found as

light + illuminate
A flash of light illuminated the dark forest, as if to warn its inhabitants that a storm was on the way.
illuminate + path
In her darkest hour, his words of encouragement helped to illuminate her path forward.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

synonym for moving


adjective [ poin-yuhnt, poi-nuhnt ]

poignant is another word for moving

To call something poignant is to emphasize how deeply affecting or moving it is emotionally. This adjective conveys a sharpness of feeling that the more general adjective moving does not, a distinction that makes sense if you consider the full picture of the word: poignant entered English describing sensations that were painful or distressing and smells that were particularly pungent. Poignant has softened over time. Nowadays when we describe things as poignant we don’t mean they bring distress; we mean they are touching and often bittersweet.

Commonly found as

poignant moment
After the last performance, the cast shared a poignant moment backstage, recalling the antics and struggles from the production's run.
funny and poignant
The movie was both funny and poignant, depicting a realistic love story with all its mishaps and heartaches.

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