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Synonym of the day

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

synonym for harmony


noun [ kon-kawrd, kong- ]

concord is another word for harmony

Both words refer to a state of peaceable agreement and coexistence between persons or groups. Harmony suggests an interrelationship in which all elements blend together without social, political, or interpersonal conflict: living together in harmony. Harmony has a metaphorical, evocative feel. Concord, the more formal and less current word, is very similar in meaning, but suggests a more concrete, explicitly political unanimity between parties that have been in competition or conflict. In another, related definition, a concord is a treaty or covenant mutually agreed to by all parties. The resulting concord, in the meaning we’re concerned with here, is grounded in actual agreement and a will to maintain amity.

Commonly found as

restore concord
The diplomats were dispatched to help restore concord between the increasingly hostile factions dividing the neighboring country’s leadership.
mutual concord
The mutual concord between the two governments ushered in an era of peace and prosperity.

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Monday, November 29, 2021

synonym for mocking


adjective [ sahr-don-ik ]

sardonic is another word for mocking

Both words suggest the expression of ridicule and scorn towards situations or people, so as to invite laughter at the target’s expense. Mocking is primarily used of tone of voice, laughter, and facial expression, or the general manner in which something is said: a mocking smile. Sardonic is a more refined, but still contemptuous, way of making fun of people or things. Like mocking it’s often an attribute of demeanor—raised a sardonic eyebrow—and tone of voice, but sardonic also appears with words like humor, wit and sophistication, which suggests a degree of verbal skill and humor not central to mocking, which anyone can do.

Commonly found as

sardonic smile
I could tell from the sardonic smile he greeted us with that he found the whole affair pathetic, even though it was his party.
sardonic humor
Her sardonic humor doesn’t go over very well with everyone, especially kindergartners.

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Synonym of the day

Sunday, November 28, 2021

synonym for arrival


noun [ ad-vent ]

advent is another word for arrival

Both words refer to the act of coming to or reaching a place. Arrival suggests reaching a place by someone or something that has been moving through space towards this place: airport arrivals; the arrival of refugees. Arrival can also be used to mark time: before the arrival of electricity. Advent is also frequently used to speak of the arrival or beginning of something or someone of significance, including day and night and seasons, but particularly historical developments or advances: the advent of computers, agriculture, or summer. Used in this way, advent is not the result of a journey in any recognizable sense, but more an appearance, beginning, or becoming present.

Commonly found as

advent of computers
It was believed that the advent of personal computers and the internet would democratize access to information.
see the advent of
The last century saw the advent of genetics as a science.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar