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remorse is a synonym of regret

noun [ ri-mawrs ]

remorse is another word for regret

Regret refers to a feeling of sadness or guilt relating to something you have or haven’t done (I have regret for not buying ice cream).

Remorse refers to a feeling of guilt relating to your past actions, where your conscience leads you to want to make up for what you’ve done (I was filled with remorse over what I said).

Regret and remorse both imply that if you could change your past actions, you would (I feel regret about agreeing to host the party; I felt remorse over leaving).

Remorse adds an element of trying to make things better (His apology suggested the depth of his remorse).

You won’t regret checking out these synonyms for remorse.

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distinctly is a synonym of clearly

adverb [ dih-stingkt-lee ]

distinctly is another word for clearly

Clearly refers to something seen or expressed with clarity (I can see clearly with my glasses).

Distinctly refers to something seen, expressed, or understood in a way that stands out, without blurring or confusion (I could see the ship’s sails distinctly, even though it was a long way away).

Distinctly can also refer to something that is seen, heard, or remembered in a definite way (I distinctly remember seeing the ghost).

We distinctly remember you wanting to take a look at these synonyms.

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commend is a synonym of praise

verb [ kuh-mend ]

commend is another word for praise

Praise refers to expressing a good opinion of someone or something, often in glowing language (His teacher was full of praise for his writing abilities).

Commend refers to expressing approval in a way that congratulates and honors someone, often in public (The mayor wants to commend you for your achievements).

Praise and commend can both refer to approval given in speech or writing. Praise is both more emotional and more informal; commend is more formal and official (His homemade brisket earned the family’s praise; Her boss wanted to commend her hard work).

Commend usually implies that something particularly special has been done, deserving particular and intense praise (The firefighter was commended for their bravery).

Get commended for your vocabulary with these synonyms!

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