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grin is a synonym of smile

noun [ grin ]

grin is another word for smile

Grin is the best word to describe a facial expression similar to a smile, but larger, often more enthusiastic, and often showing teeth (I missed his toothy grin).

✅ A smile can express a variety of emotions, often happiness or amusement, but can also be used as a way to indicate recognition, acknowledgement, or friendliness (When I said hello, she gave me a broad smile).

✅ A smile may also be sad, and may be described as false, or fake. Usually in these instances the mouth is the only part of the face that moves—a happy or real smile generally involves crinkling of the corners of the eye (I could tell she was disappointed because her smile didn’t reach her eyes).

✅ A grin is not normally faked or controlled in the same way (I couldn’t escape the power of his goofy grin).

You can bear it–check out these synonyms for grin!

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studied is a synonym of labored

adjective [ stuhd-eed ]

studied is another word for labored

Labored describes something that has been achieved through a lot of effort, and feels forced in consequence (His breathing was labored).

Studied describes something unnatural and affected, and that has most likely taken a lot of effort and care to achieve (She looked at them with an air of studied indifference).

Labored is usually used in a negative way, whereas studied can be positive or negative. Labored implies something that seems forced or uninspired, and suggests that someone has tried too hard to achieve the result (The prose was particularly labored).

Studied implies something well-practiced and rehearsed (He moved with studied grace).

We won’t squeeze in a labored joke here—just look at these synonyms for studied!

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recapitulate is a synonym of repeat

verb [ ree-kuh-pich-uh-leyt ]

recapitulate is another word for repeat

Repeat refers to saying or doing something over again (Could you repeat the question?).

Recapitulate refers to repeating your points in a summary (She recapitulated the story quickly, to get everyone up to speed).

Repeat can refer to all kinds of things—you might repeat an action, an expression, or something you’ve said (He repeated the joke in front of all his friends). Recapitulate is generally used to refer to writing or speech (The conclusion of an essay is the place to recapitulate your argument).

Repeat generally implies doing or saying something exactly as it was done or said before, whereas recapitulate means to summarize things that you’ve already said.

Write an argument with the help of Grammar Coach, and then recapitulate your points.

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