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alternative is a synonym of choice

noun [ awl-tur-nuh-tiv, al- ]

alternative is another word for choice

Choice refers to having the ability to pick between several things or options (a wide choice of pastries).

Alternative refers to only having two options (Your alternative to chicken is fish).

Choice usually suggests more extensive options than alternative, though it can still be used when there are only two options (There’s a choice of coffee or tea).

Alternative is most often used with a negative, to mean that there was no choice at all (I had no alternative).

It’s your choice to take a look at these synonyms for alternative or not.

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grumble is a synonym of complain

verb [ gruhm-buhl ]

grumble is another word for complain

Complain refers to expressing displeasure or discomfort (He started to complain two minutes into the hike).

Grumble refers to complaining, mostly to yourself, in a mean or ill-natured way (She liked to grumble about the neighbors).

✅ Generally, complain suggests that you want to fix the displeasure or discomfort, whereas grumble suggests that you want to complain for the sake of it, rather than fix what’s wrong (He grumbled about the coffee but refused to get a new one; He complained to the doctor about pain in his knee).

✅ However, complain can also suggest making a more official fuss over something, especially in order to get attention, or to get something for free (I knew she was about to complain to the manager).

You won’t be able to complain about these synonyms for grumble.

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blunder is a synonym of error

noun [ bluhn-der ]

blunder is another word for error

Error refers to an unintentional and usually small mistake in terms of accuracy, or sometimes behavior (an error in the paperwork).

Blunder refers to a silly mistake, suggesting ignorance, awkwardness, or carelessness (He made a few blunders at his first dinner party).

Error doesn’t necessarily imply anything about the person making the mistake, whereas blunder implies that the mistake was made out of carelessness or ignorance (I started to dislike her after her blunder in front of the ambassador; We all make errors from time to time).

Error and blunder can be used to minimize a larger mistake, by making it sound smaller, less serious, or less deserving of blame than it is (She made an error that led to a data leak; The politician made a blunder during trade talks).

Try using blunder in a paragraph describing a social event, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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