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commend is a synonym of praise

verb [ kuh-mend ]

commend is another word for praise

Praise refers to expressing a good opinion of someone or something, often in glowing language (His teacher was full of praise for his writing abilities).

Commend refers to expressing approval in a way that congratulates and honors someone, often in public (The mayor wants to commend you for your achievements).

Praise and commend can both refer to approval given in speech or writing. Praise is both more emotional and more informal; commend is more formal and official (His homemade brisket earned the family’s praise; Her boss wanted to commend her hard work).

Commend usually implies that something particularly special has been done, deserving particular and intense praise (The firefighter was commended for their bravery).

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charitable is a synonym of generous

adjective [ char-i-tuh-buhl ]

charitable is another word for generous

Generous describes someone who, because they’re a warm, kind, and sympathetic person, gives things to others (a generous friend).

Charitable emphasizes the idea that the giver is especially good, and emphasizes the need of the person receiving the charity (She prided herself on being charitable).

Generous can mean that someone freely gives away money, but is generally used to describe someone who is giving in general, such as with assistance or praise.

✅ Charitable is often used to describe someone who is overly kind with praise, or particularly lenient (He gave the film a charitable review).

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oblige is a synonym of accommodate

verb [ uh-blahyj ]

oblige is another word for accommodate

Accommodate refers to doing someone a kind and helpful favor, especially in a way that meets a need (The staff accommodated our party of five at short notice).

Oblige refers to doing something effortful for someone, in a kind or gracious way (The pianist obliged us with another tune).

Accommodate emphasizes doing a service for someone, or meeting their specific needs (They accommodated my need for a larger chair).

Oblige emphasizes doing someone a favor, or doing something that benefits someone in some way, often through helping or entertaining them. Oblige often carries a sense of incurring a debt, but usually a social one rather than a monetary one (I invited you to dinner to thank you for obliging us with a song at the party).

Oblige us by checking out these synonyms.

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