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Synonym of the day

Thursday, August 05, 2021


prudent is a synonym of sensible

adjective [ prood-nt ]

prudent is another word for sensible

Prudent and sensible both describe decisions and actions that show good judgment and practical wisdom. Sensible suggests the use of common sense, logic and reason, and practicality–a sensible policy, a sensible approach, sensible shoes. It’s a valuable attribute, although perhaps underappreciated, given that it can imply dull and boring, or practical at the expense of imagination, brilliance, desire, and fun. Prudent emphasizes carefulness, caution, and circumspection. A prudent course of action avoids risk, is mindful of the future, and doesn’t rush into anything. Prudent is frequently associated with wisdom in financial affairs (fiscally prudent, a prudent investment, prudent reserves).

Commonly found as

prudent course
The more prudent course would be to hold focus groups before product design is finalized on your new kitchen appliance line.
fiscally prudent
It is fiscally prudent to overestimate your unforeseen expenses for the coming year so that you don’t end up with debt.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2021


charisma is a synonym of charm

noun [ kuh-riz-muh ]

charisma is another word for charm

Charm and charisma refer to an attractive power or effect certain individuals or things have on others. Charm is a special but easily found quality that makes a person attractive and pleasant to be around, whether from physical beauty or personality: The host’s charm made each guest feel like the most important person at the party. Charm is also used of things, especially rustic, cozy, or old-fashioned things (the charm of a country cottage). Charisma is a compelling personal or spiritual power, a rare “star quality” which attracts, fascinates, even mesmerizes, and is capable of influencing a large number of people. Charisma is frequently associated with screen actors and political and religious figures, for whom a commanding presence is a job requirement.

Commonly found as

undeniable charisma
Once you’re within range of her undeniable charisma, everything else around you fades into the background.
lack + charisma
He lacks the charisma needed to be a great leader.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2021


implore is a synonym of beg

verb [ im-plawr ]

implore is another word for beg

Beg and implore refer to asking someone for something (aid, mercy, pardon) with urgency or in desperation. The essential element of beg is asking for something one is not owed by the one asked, from a position of powerlessness. We say, “Don’t make me beg,” but not “Don’t make me implore.” With implore, the focus is on the emotion and manner of expression with which someone begs. A person may implore with their eyes. Implore suggests begging with great urgency, in an affecting, piteous way. (The Latin word it derives from means "to plead tearfully.") Beg can convey a wide range of intensity–it can have the mere formality of “I beg your pardon,” the humility and earnestness of someone begging for alms, or the fervent emotion of implore.

Commonly found as

eyes implore
He was too weak to speak, but his eyes implored me to stay at his bedside.
tearfully implore
The senator was approached by two women in the elevator who tearfully implored her to hear their stories before she voted on the bill.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar