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Synonym of the day

Friday, July 30, 2021


prolific is a synonym of productive

adjective [ pruh-lif-ik ]

prolific is another word for productive

Productive describes a person or thing whose output, in the form of work, products, or positive consequences, is of a quantity to be valuable or profitable. A productive person accomplishes a lot in a day. Productive soil can generate an ample crop. Prolific suggests production of an exceptional amount, often at a fast pace. It’s most frequently used of creative workers–writers, composers, painters, inventors, directors (a prolific composer, who composed over 1000 works in his lifetime), although it is also applied to production of offspring (prolific apple orchard) and many other cases of profuse generation.

Commonly found as

prolific writer
She was marveled at as a prolific writer of wildly popular thrillers, but in reality she had a stable of paid employees who wrote the bulk of her oeuvre.
highly/astonishingly prolific
Fans are waiting in suspense to find out to which team this highly prolific scorer will transfer.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021


curtail is a synonym of shorten

verb [ ker-teyl ]

curtail is another word for shorten

The verb shorten is used a few different ways: you can shorten a dress or a pair of pants, which means that you are reducing physical length, or you can shorten a performance or a travel route, which means you are reducing duration. The synonym curtail means “to cut short": measures to curtail the pandemic. But it’s often used with a meaning closer to “limit,” with the suggestion of deprivation: The court’s decision curtailed Congress’s ability to pass legislation. Early uses of the verb were in reference to the docking, or shortening, of an animal’s tail; such an animal was known as a curtal.

Commonly found as

efforts to curtail
Some cities are making efforts to curtail the use of plastic, such as limiting the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets and banning plastic straws in restaurants.
severely curtail
Her parents told her that if she wanted to study abroad, she would have to severely curtail her spending on daily indulgences like iced coffee and takeout.

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Synonym of the day

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


volatile is a synonym of explosive

adjective [ vol-uh-tl, -til, -tahyl ]

volatile is another word for explosive

When we describe something as explosive, we usually mean one of two things: that the item under discussion is designed or likely to explode in the literal sense, as in an explosive device, or that that it’s likely to lead to violence or hostility, as in an explosive issue. The synonym volatile emphasizes instability and unpredictability; volatile market conditions fluctuate sharply and regularly, and someone with a volatile disposition is mercurial and flighty. Where volatile overlaps the most with explosive is in discussions of unstable situations, as ones marked by strained relations or elevated tensions, that threaten to break out into open violence: a volatile political situation.

Commonly found as

volatile situation
Journalists who were assigned to report on the volatile situation were given protective equipment and a security plan.
extremely volatile
In retrospect, he was able to see that he grew up during an extremely volatile chapter in the city's history.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar