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Friday, July 23, 2021


vie is a synonym of compete

verb [ vahy ]

vie is another word for compete

Who will take the trophy in compete vs. vie? Compete is commonly used to talk about people participating in an organized competitive event (athletes competing in Tokyo for Olympic gold) or businesses trying to gain the same share of the market (cable channels competing for the 18-35 demographic). Vie frequently occurs outside these more structured contexts, as with vie for control or vie for power, or vie for a seat, a space, or a spot. Compete can almost always substitute for vie, but not vice versa, in part because vie is always followed by a preposition and an indirect object—vie for, vie with. When compete appears in one of these phrases, vie is almost always a solid alternative: The boys competed/vied for their father's attention.

Commonly found as

vie for a spot
The two rival teams were vying for a spot in the championship.
vie for attention
With so much digital content vying for our attention online, reading a print book cover to cover feels like meditation.

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Thursday, July 22, 2021


underhanded is a synonym of dishonest

adjective [ uhn-der-han-did ]

underhanded is another word for dishonest

Someone who is dishonest cannot be trusted; they may be disposed to lie, cheat, or steal. This descriptor is commonly applied to people or to their misleading words. The synonym underhanded emphasizes secrecy and dishonor in one’s actions. If a politician uses underhanded tactics to discredit an opponent in a campaign, they did unscrupulous, unethical, or possibly even illegal things in secret to sully their opponent’s reputation. Slyness, or the crafty covering of one's tracks, is a key component of this term; wherever there are underhanded dealings, tactics, or tricks being employed, you can be sure there’s a fair amount of sneaky maneuvering afoot.

Commonly found as

underhanded tactics
The firm’s underhanded tactics and misrepresentation of data has created uncertainty and confusion.
sneaky and underhanded
In her autobiography, the former senator described the smear campaign that was run against her in her presidential run as sneaky and underhanded.

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Synonym of the day

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


stymie is a synonym of impede

verb [ stahy-mee ]

stymie is another word for impede

To impede is to make difficult the movement or progress of something, such as an investigation, by interfering with its proper functioning. To stymie is to hinder, block, or thwart something or someone. The vexing nature of the word comes into greater focus when we look at its origins: Before people and projects were being stymied in boardrooms and halls of government, golfers were being stymied on the putting green. A stymie, used as a noun, is an instance of a ball’s lying on a direct line between the cup and the ball of an opponent about to putt. It didn’t take long before English speakers were using the term as a verb to talk about this irksome scenario, and the figurative extension (how the word is most commonly used today) emerged shortly after.

Commonly found as

stymie + effort(s)
The roommates set out to find their lost cat, but the stormy weather stymied their search efforts.
stymied by a lack
The city planner drafted a comprehensive plan to make the downtown more bike-friendly, but he was stymied by a lack of funding.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar