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Synonym of the day

Monday, July 19, 2021


parry is a synonym of dodge

[ par-ee ]

parry is another word for dodge

Parry and dodge refer to moving quickly or cleverly to avoid a physical blow, a verbal attack, or some other aggression or demand. To dodge a blow is to avoid being struck by moving out of the way or behind something. To parry a thrust in fencing is to meet it with a deflecting move and, ideally, open a space for one’s counterattack. These two maneuvers, when transferred to more figurative contexts, have contrasting connotations. Long before the term draft dodger was coined, dodging was often associated with the shifty, evasive side of cleverness. Dodging the question in verbal exchanges, as politicians often do, is effective but not necessarily admirable. To parry a question or parry criticism is not to avoid it, but to skillfully fend it off while turning it to one’s advantage.

Commonly found as

parry a question
As a Supreme Court nominee, she excelled in parrying questions by displaying her command of legal precedent without revealing her opinion on a specific issue.
parry the thrust
At the end of the roast, the actor was able to parry every thrust that had been aimed at him by a series of comedians, except a particularly cruel joke about an ex.

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Sunday, July 18, 2021


delectable is a synonym of appetizing

adjective [ dih-lek-tuh-buhl ]

delectable is another word for appetizing

You don’t need to sink your teeth into a beautiful wax peach to get the difference between appetizing and delectable. Appetizing food appeals to or stimulates the appetite, so food can have an appetizing smell or appearance, or be described in an appetizing way. People may remark that your strawberry soup looks delectable, but strictly speaking, they have to try it before declaring it to be so, because delectable means delightful to the taste, or delicious. Not surprisingly, you’ll most often find this adjective describing things to eat: delectable desserts, a delectable morsel, delectable fruit, a delectable feast.

Commonly found as

delectable dessert(s)
Even after a big meal, I can always finish one of this restaurant’s delectable desserts.
enjoy + delectable
The billboard encouraged drivers to exit the freeway and enjoy a delectable slice of homemade peach pie at the diner.

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Synonym of the day

Saturday, July 17, 2021


gamut is a synonym of spectrum

noun [ gam-uht ]

gamut is another word for spectrum

The nouns spectrum and gamut both refer to a broad range of similar things arranged along a scale, but there are significant degrees of difference between them. The scientific meanings of spectrum carry over to its general usage, where emphasis is on the overlap and hence continuity between items on or along the spectrum. A spectrum is often contrasted with an either-or conception of something. In a spectrum of political beliefs, for example, liberals and conservatives are on the same continuum. Gamut, as suggested by the common phrase the whole gamut, emphasizes the comprehensiveness of a range and hence the variety or contrast encompassed by it: Love involves the whole gamut of emotions, from despair to joy. Of just about any set of wide-ranging and varied things (reactions to a movie, a dessert menu) we can say it runs (or covers or spans) the gamut.

Commonly found as

run the gamut
The styles on display at this nightclub run the gamut from grunge to steampunk.
the whole/entire gamut
The controversial novel provoked the whole gamut of reactions, from violent opposition to fanatical devotion.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar