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Monday, July 26, 2021


docile is a synonym of obedient

adjective [ dos-uhl ]

docile is another word for obedient

Obedient and docile describe a person or animal who submits to the rules, requests, or power of another. One who is obedient, like a child, a servant, a worker, or a dog, does what they're told, out of a desire to please or show respect for someone of greater authority (or simply to avoid punishment). Obedient suggests a learned behavior, whereas docile suggests the nature, temperament, or state of a person or, more likely, an animal. A docile creature may be tamed or domesticated, in which case it has been, in a common phrase, rendered docile. If wild, a docile animal is non-threatening or approachable by nature (a normally docile species of shark). A docile person offers no resistance to being handled or controlled by others. Docile can suggest sweetness and gentleness, but usually it implies submissiveness and passivity: docile citizens, docile population, docile workers.

Commonly found as

docile animals
The rancher assured the out-of-towners that cows are generally docile animals, despite their imposing size.
render someone docile
The tyrant king proclaimed that he would render the populace docile during his reign.

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Sunday, July 25, 2021


arid is a synonym of dry

adjective [ ar-id ]

arid is another word for dry

Dry and arid mean without moisture. Dry is the general word indicating absence of water (a dry well) or freedom from moisture (dry clothes). Arid has a very specific context of use. It suggests great or severe dryness in a region or climate, especially when it results in bareness or in barrenness: arid climate of Nevada; arid soil. If you wish to use it figuratively, remember it’s a harsher word than dry. We call something dry that is uninteresting or dull (a dry geography textbook). Arid suggests something devoid (barren) of interest, imagination, emotion, or vitality: an an arid performance by a burned out cast.

Commonly found as

arid region
Adobe is a common building material in arid regions such as the southwestern United States.
arid lands
To farm in these arid lands, rainwater from surrounding hillsides is harvested and carefully conserved and distributed.

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Saturday, July 24, 2021


traverse is a synonym of cross

verb [ trav-ers, truh-vurs ]

traverse is another word for cross

The verbs cross and traverse both refer to passing or extending over or across something. Saying hikers traverse or hikers cross a meadow to reach a road conveys the same information, although traverse is more formal. Note that the characteristic use of cross to mean “to intersect” or “pass over a line” cannot be replaced by traverse—that is, you can say that two paths crossed to indicate that they intersected, but not that they traversed. Traverse most often suggests passing over or covering a considerable distance, sometimes with difficulty. But it is also frequently used of physical artifacts such as pipelines, railways, roads, paths, and trails, all of which traverse regions and terrains.

Commonly found as

traverse + terrain
The group of hikers traversed miles of rugged terrain before arriving at the base of the mountain and beginning their slow ascent.
traverse + distance
What must it have been like to wait as the Apollo 11 spacecraft, Columbia, traversed the vast distance from the moon back to earth?

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Synonym of the Day Calendar