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Monday, August 02, 2021


cachet is a synonym of prestige

noun [ ka-shey, kash-ey ]

cachet is another word for prestige

Prestige is status or influence a person or institution possesses in the eyes of others by virtue of success, wealth, or position (professional prestige, international prestige). The sources and qualities of cachet can be less tangible–hence, perhaps, the common phrase “has a certain cachet,” where “certain” means “definite but not specified.” Cachet is found most often in the context of popular culture, consumer and marketing culture, art, and fashion. Associations, especially with celebrity names, lend things cachet, and the associations often attract and impress a particular demographic or other group (a label carrying cachet among Spanish wine lovers, a director whose use of indy music in his films has earned him cachet).

Commonly found as

carry cachet
How this sugar-packed product came to carry cachet with health-conscious consumers is one of the mysteries of artful branding.
a certain cachet
Having a father who was a professional baseball player gave the new guy a certain cachet in our high school, which he soon lost by proving himself to be a bully of the worst kind.

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Sunday, August 01, 2021


cull is a synonym of select

verb [ kuhl ]

cull is another word for select

Select refers to carefully choosing one or more things or people from a group, according to preference or some criteria of superiority (select one of the candidates, select a necktie to wear to the event). Cull suggests selection or gathering together of a number of things or people, typically by combing through a large quantity. It is often used in the context of research or curation–he culled the footage from video archives. When using cull, however, keep in mind that cull is one of those odd words, like cleave, that has two nearly opposite meanings: culling also means selection of things you want to eliminate (cull out the duplicates in the database, cull the deer population).

Commonly found as

carefully cull
The research for her biography involved carefully culling books, journals, letters, and TV and radio transcripts for the most accurate accounts she could find of key events in her subject’s life.
cull data
The authors of the psychological study culled data from internet message boards where the presence of women is a recurrent topic of conversation.

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Saturday, July 31, 2021


conviction is a synonym of belief

noun [ kuhn-vik-shuhn ]

conviction is another word for belief

Belief and conviction refer to the acceptance of, or confidence in, the truth or rightness of something. Belief is a kind of knowing based on psychological, ideological, or spiritual certainty rather than objective, proven fact (belief in God, popular belief that garlic repels vampires). Conviction suggests unshakeable, deep, and sincere belief that something is true or right, and often has a moral or religious basis. Like belief, conviction can refer either to a subjective state (speak with great conviction) or to a particular thing that is believed (act on one's convictions). The word tends to have a positive connotation of strength of character and integrity. The commitment entailed by a conviction is illustrated in the idiomatic expression, “to have the courage of one’s convictions,” which is to do what one believes is right.

Commonly found as

moral conviction
Some people become vegetarians because they think it’s healthier, while others do so out of moral conviction.
have the courage of one's convictions
If you had the courage of your convictions, you would stand up at the next meeting and explain why you believe this proposal will disempower workers.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar