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peddle is a synonym of sell

verb [ ped-l ]

peddle is another word for sell

Sell means to exchange goods for money, either in person or from a place of business (She decided to sell handmade cups and vases).

Peddle often means to carry goods from place to place in order to sell them (She peddled her pottery at local markets).

Sell is a more general word, whereas peddle suggests a specific way of doing business.

Peddle can be used in a derogatory way, suggesting that the goods being sold are low quality, or that the seller is untrustworthy in some way. It can be used to get this point across even if the person described is not strictly peddling (The store started peddling cheap earphones).

We peddle synonyms here—check these out!

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fortune is a synonym of luck

noun [ fawr-chuhn ]

fortune is another word for luck

Luck refers to success as a matter of chance (I have good luck with scratch tickets).

Fortune refers to luck or chance, especially when it influences the course of your life (She had the good fortune to find a cheap house in a walkable neighborhood).

Fortune generally suggests larger successes or failures that can influence major events in your life (We had bad luck with the clementines this week: they’re really bitter; Bad fortune had followed him for years).

✅ When used to refer to smaller successes or failures, or to suggest a run of good or bad luck, fortune can sound a bit formal or old-fashioned.

Here’s a bit of good fortune—we’ve got some synonyms for you!

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articulate is a synonym of talk

verb [ ahr-tik-yuh-leyt ]

articulate is another word for talk

Talk means to express something in words, generally aloud. However, you can also talk in writing (The author talked about the influence of her parents at length in the book).

Articulate can mean to make very clear sounds when speaking, or it can mean to express a sentiment or argument in a way that is easy to understand (The post articulated nicely what I’ve been trying to get across).

Articulate is more specific than talk. Articulate often refers to expressing something that is more difficult to explain or verbalize (The lecturer talked about fashion; The lecturer articulated the problems with the fashion industry).

We hope this articulated the differences for you! Now, here are more synonyms!

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