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articulate is a synonym of talk

verb [ ahr-tik-yuh-leyt ]

articulate is another word for talk

Talk means to express something in words, generally aloud. However, you can also talk in writing (The author talked about the influence of her parents at length in the book).

Articulate can mean to make very clear sounds when speaking, or it can mean to express a sentiment or argument in a way that is easy to understand (The post articulated nicely what I’ve been trying to get across).

Articulate is more specific than talk. Articulate often refers to expressing something that is more difficult to explain or verbalize (The lecturer talked about fashion; The lecturer articulated the problems with the fashion industry).

We hope this articulated the differences for you! Now, here are more synonyms!

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betray is a synonym of deceive

verb [ bih-trey ]

betray is another word for deceive

Deceive means to mislead someone or be dishonest, generally though not always intentionally (In the low light, their eyes deceived them).

Betray means to be disloyal to someone, especially by violating their trust or confidence (The spy betrayed their country).

Deceive specifically suggests lying to someone or misleading them (I deceived him in order to keep the surprise party a secret), whereas betray suggests going against their best interests, or being unfaithful or disloyal (You betrayed me by getting lunch from our rival coffee shop).

✅ You can betray someone by deceiving them, but you don’t have to deceive someone in order to betray them.

Write about a hotshot soccer player betraying a teammate with the help of Grammar Coach.

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proportion is a synonym of ratio

noun [ pruh-pawr-shuhn ]

proportion is another word for ratio

Ratio refers to a comparison between two quantities (It’s important to keep an eye on the ratio of houses to home buyers).

Proportion refers to the quantity of one thing in relation to the total (The proportion of cake to frosting in this dessert is just right).

Ratio and proportion mean very similar things, but ratio more strongly suggests a mathematical or more specific relationship (I need to know the exact ratio of water to rice or the dish will be either too dry or too soggy).

Proportion can also suggest a more approximate size or extent between things (The set should be made in proportion to the actor’s height).

Make sure your vocabulary is in proportion to your ideas with these synonyms!

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