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gleam is a synonym of shine

verb [ gleem ]

gleam is another word for shine

Shine means to give out light, or to reflect light in a particularly bright way (The polished sword shone in the candlelight).

Gleam also means to give out or reflect light, but especially in a subdued way (The lanterns gleamed in the dark).

Shine suggests a bright or glittery light (The headlights shine too brightly). Gleam suggests a dimmer or more subdued light (His eyes gleamed).

Write about something that gleams in the darkness with the help of Grammar Coach.

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fortitude is a synonym of strength

noun [ fawr-ti-tood ]

fortitude is another word for strength

Strength refers to mental or physical power, or mental courage (The competition is a real test of strength).

Fortitude refers to mental and emotional strength when facing difficult circumstances (Climbing Denali takes a lot of fortitude).

Strength and fortitude both refer to having mental and emotional firmness, courage, or resilience (It takes a lot of strength to get through hard times).

Strength is more general, whereas fortitude specifically suggests facing, or having faced, difficult situations (She showed fortitude in the face of poverty).

Write about a person who has a lot of fortitude with the help of Grammar Coach.

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spunky is a synonym of spirited

adjective [ spuhng-kee ]

spunky is another word for spirited

Spirited describes someone or something showing liveliness, animation, fervor, or courage (a spirited argument).

Spunky describes a person who is spirited or plucky (The team was very spunky after their win).

Spirited and spunky both tend to describe lively, energetic, and vibrant people.

✅ In particular, spunky is often used to describe self-confident young girls (The teacher called her spunky), while spirited can sometimes suggest a person or animal who is self-willed and stubborn (I always get the spirited horse when I go on trail rides).

Write about a spunky person with the help of Grammar Coach.

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