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lexicon is a synonym of vocabulary

noun [ lek-si-kon ]

lexicon is another word for vocabulary

Vocabulary and lexicon both can refer to the words of a language or to a specific set of words within a language used by a given person or group (The lexicon that physicists use is gibberish to a lot of people; People from different states might have huge differences in their vocabulary).

✅ While vocabulary can refer to the set of words in a language that you are familiar with (My German vocabulary is very limited), lexicon isn’t used in this way.

Lexicon, a more formal word, can refer to the words of a certain field, a social class, or an individual person (Scientists made a study of her lexicon). It can also refer to a dictionary of words that you can learn a language from.

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exhaustive is a synonym of complete

adjective [ ig-zaws-tiv ]

exhaustive is another word for complete

Complete describes something whole, which isn’t missing any part or element (a complete examination; a complete set).

Exhaustive describes something that is comprehensive and thorough (an exhaustive list).

Complete and exhaustive both describe things that go into every aspect of something (a complete overhaul; an exhaustive study).

Exhaustive suggests something even more complete than complete does! Exhaustive suggests going beyond to a higher level of detail or thoroughness.

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haphazard is a synonym of random

adjective [ hap-haz-erd ]

haphazard is another word for random

Random describes something without a clear pattern or aim (Pick a random number; She decided to write a blog for a seemingly random reason).

Haphazard describes something that is disorganized or relies on chance (Their room was full of haphazard piles of books).

Haphazard can suggest an element of carelessness, or a lack of forethought (Their route to the store was a bit haphazard), while random generally does not.

✅ In fact, both haphazard and random can mean an intentional, often artistic, lack of planning (The collage had a haphazard, but pleasing pattern; The location of the paint on the canvas was completely random).

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