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devoted is a synonym of loyal

adjective [ dih-voh-tid ]

devoted is another word for loyal

Loyal and devoted both describe being emotionally attached to someone or something, and being dedicated to it because of that attachment.

Loyal means being faithful to a person, thing, or cause (a loyal friend; a loyal member of the party), while devoted means being particularly intense or zealous in your attachment (a devoted follower of football; a devoted mother).

Devoted implies feelings of care and love, whereas loyal is less specific: you might be loyal for moral reasons, economic reasons, because you think it’s advantageous to you, or any other reason, including feelings of care and love.

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ingenious is a synonym of creative

adjective [ in-jeen-yuhs ]

ingenious is another word for creative

Creative describes someone who has a talent to create things (a creative cook). It also describes something that required a lot of originality and imagination to make (a creative design).

Ingenious describes something that is particularly clever, especially when it’s a thing requiring original thinking to create (an ingenious plan; an ingenious machine).

Creative and ingenious can both describe things that resulted from thinking outside the box (a creative response to the question; an ingenious use of resources).

Creative emphasizes having or showing imagination. Ingenious emphasizes inventiveness, cleverness, and resourcefulness.

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vacillate is a synonym of seesaw

verb [ vas-uh-leyt ]

vacillate is another word for seesaw

Seesaw means to keep changing your mind about something—to metaphorically go up and down as if you’re on a seesaw (It was annoying to watch him seesaw over what he wanted for dinner).

Vacillate means to be indecisive (A good coach doesn’t vacillate on which players will start).

Vacillate is a more formal word than seesaw, and particularly applies to going back and forth on a decision (The king vacillated between whether or not to kick the dragon out of the kingdom).

Seesaw can apply to things like going back and forth on an idea, opinion, or attitude (She seesawed in favor of the ordinance).

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