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bewilder is a synonym of confuse

verb [ bih-wil-der ]

bewilder is another word for confuse

Confuse means to make someone unsure of something or themselves (I laid false clues to confuse them).

Bewilder means to completely perplex or overwhelm someone to the point of feeling lost (His sudden change in mood bewildered me).

Bewilder suggests a really intense sense of confusion, whereas confuse can refer to mild or intense confusion (I was confused about who had left the oven on; I was bewildered to find my furniture had been turned upside down).

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nibble is a synonym of chew

verb [ nib-uhl ]

nibble is another word for chew

Chew means to crush or grind with the teeth. More widely, it can refer to damaging something as if with teeth (The meat was hard to chew; The vacuum cleaner chewed up the wires).

Nibble means to chew in small bites, especially over a longer period of time than might be expected based on the amount of food (I nibbled on a slice of pizza all evening).

Chew and nibble both refer to ways of eating something, and nibble and chew can both refer to biting and grinding something without eating it (The dog chewed my slippers, so we bought him a toy he could nibble on instead).

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sweetheart is a synonym of honey

noun [ sweet-hahrt ]

sweetheart is another word for honey

Sweetheart and honey can both be terms of endearment, and can both refer to a romantic partner (My sweetheart and I are going to go ring shopping tomorrow; Next time I’m going to bring my honey).

Sweetheart is also more generally a nice and friendly person (Be a sweetheart, and close the door for me).

✅ Both honey and sweetheart might also be used towards strangers and can sound patronizing in this context, especially when used by a man towards a woman.

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