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scintilla is a synonym of trace

noun [ sin-til-uh ]

scintilla is another word for trace

Trace refers to a very small amount of something. It can refer to a small amount of a concrete thing, or of an emotion or something similar (a trace of sadness in her tone; There was just a trace of salt in the food).

Scintilla refers to an especially minute particle of something (I felt a scintilla of regret).

Trace generally suggests small particles like those that are left behind when something has been removed, whereas scintilla suggests a single particle.

Scintilla is a much more unusual word than trace.

Write about a time you didn’t leave behind even a scintilla of cake with the help of Grammar Coach.

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vivacity is a synonym of liveliness

noun [ vi-vas-i-tee, vahy- ]

vivacity is another word for liveliness

Liveliness refers to the quality of being animated or spirited, especially in a way that suggests activity and a positive mood (The musician was known for his liveliness on stage).

Vivacity refers to the state of being vivacious—that is, being spirited, energetic, and lively (His vivacity was infectious).

Liveliness, the more common of the two synonyms, emphasizes a sense of energy and activity (Their liveliness seemed inexhaustible), whereas vivacity emphasizes a sense of zeal and vibrancy or sparkle (Her vivacity made her a popular guest at parties).

Write about a person with extraordinary vivacity with the help of Grammar Coach.

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quixotic is a synonym of impractical

adjective [ kwik-sot-ik ]

quixotic is another word for impractical

Impractical and quixotic both focus on an ideal vision of the world rather than a practical reality (His business ideas sounded wonderful, but they were impractical).

Quixotic describes someone who is idealistic, especially in a romantic, chivalrous, and optimistic way (She had a quixotic approach to life).

Impractical suggests the idea of something being unworkable because of a practical reason (His idea to sell sandwiches at the coffee shop was impractical because of how much space it would require), while quixotic suggests being overly optimistic to the point of only focusing on impractical or unrealistic ideas (He had a quixotic vision of marriage).

Describe a quixotic spaceship captain with the help of Grammar Coach.

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