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motivation is a synonym of cause

noun [ moh-tuh-vey-shuhn ]

motivation is another word for cause

Cause refers to the motive or reason for a certain action, or the reason why something happens (He was the cause of all my anxiety).

Motivation refers to the thing that provides a reason to act, or the reason for something to happen (The knowledge that the course was almost over was my motivation to work).

Cause generally refers to a direct relationship between the reason for an action and the action itself (The weather was the cause of my bad mood).

Motivation generally refers to an internal or personal factor that encourages you to do something, often something positive (The bad weather was their motivation to finish the chores).

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exchange is a synonym of swap

verb [ iks-cheynj ]

exchange is another word for swap

✅ To swap means to trade one thing for another thing (We swapped jackets, because hers went better with my outfit). It can suggest giving up something permanently, or temporarily.

✅ To exchange means to change one thing for another equivalent thing, or to give up something in order to get an equivalent in return (We exchanged our dollars for euros at the bank). Exchange is almost always used when giving something up permanently.

Swap is a more informal word (We swapped phone numbers). Exchange is often used in a retail context, when it means returning something you bought and getting something of the same value back (I exchanged the blue leggings for purple ones).

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impulsive is a synonym of hasty

adjective [ im-puhl-siv ]

impulsive is another word for hasty

Hasty describes something that is done quickly, often without thought (He grabbed the wrong lunch because he was being hasty).

Impulsive describes something that happens on impulse, or because of a sudden desire or idea (Buying a boat was an impulsive decision).

Impulsive and hasty both describe people who follow their immediate, often emotional, ideas and desires.

Hasty emphasizes the idea of doing something too quickly (He was hasty in his reply and accidentally caused offense). Impulsive emphasizes the idea of doing something because you suddenly decided you wanted or needed to (Her impulsive choices generally paid off).

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