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mandible is a synonym of jaw

noun [ man-duh-buhl ]

mandible is another word for jaw

Jaw refers to either of the two bones that form the structure of the mouth, and can also refer to the part of the face covering those bones or to the mouth in general (He had a bruised jaw after the fight).

Mandible refers to the lower jawbone in humans, the bottom part of a bird’s bill, or the mouthparts of insects, crustaceans, and some other animals (The crab’s mandible was extremely powerful).

Jaw is the common word, and mandible is used as an anatomical term.

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nares is a synonym of nose

noun [ nair-eez ]

nares is another word for nose

Nose refers to the part of the face, in humans and some animals, that contains the nostrils and nasal passages (She had her nose pierced).

Nares refers to the nostrils or nasal passages themselves (Breathing becomes more difficult when the nares are blocked).

Nose is a more common term, whereas nares is an anatomical term.

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axilla is a synonym of armpit

noun [ ak-sil-uh ]

axilla is another word for armpit

Armpit refers to the hollow underneath your arm, where your underarm joins your chest (I prefer to wear long sleeve shirts that don’t show my armpits).

Axilla refers to the armpit, and is an anatomical term. It can also refer to the same hollow under the wing of a bird, or the upper angle of the joint between a leaf and the stem supporting it (We will examine the axilla for any issues).

Armpit and axilla both refer to the same body part, but armpit is the common term.

Armpit can also refer to the worst part of a given area (He lives in the armpit of New York).

We promise we’re not sending you to the armpit of the dictionary with this synonym!

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