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eyewitness is a synonym of observer

noun [ ahy-wit-nis, ahy-wit-nis ]

eyewitness is another word for observer

✅ An observer refers to a person who watches something happening. Sometimes this is for official purposes, to make sure that a given set of rules is followed or to take notes on what happens (They hired a neutral observer to keep a record of the peace talks).

✅ An eyewitness is a person that sees something happen, often by chance, and can give an account of it (The testimony of the eyewitness was important to the case).

Eyewitness is most often used in relation to crimes or newsworthy events (She was an eyewitness to the accident).

Observer often suggests a person who intentionally watches something, such as a procedure, happen (Observers said the innovative surgery went smoothly).

Describe something you were an eyewitness to with the help of Grammar Coach.

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earmark is a synonym of designate

verb [ eer-mahrk ]

earmark is another word for designate

Designate means to mark, indicate, assign, or specify something (He was designated the leader of the group; The items that had already sold were designated with a sticker).

Earmark means to set something aside for a certain purpose, often used in accounting, finance, or business (The money was earmarked for our dinner).

Designate can refer to assigning a person to a role, position, or job, but earmark is almost always used for assigning purpose to things rather than people (We earmarked the donation for books; The mayor designated the librarian as the city record keeper).

Earmark is a more specific and less formal word than designate.

Write about a time you earmarked money for a future purpose with the help of Grammar Coach.

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pedant is a synonym of know-it-all

noun [ ped-nt ]

pedant is another word for know-it-all

Know-it-all refers to a person who acts like they know everything and doesn’t listen to other people’s ideas, opinions, or views (I don’t want her on my team because she’s such a know-it-all).

Pedant refers to a person who makes a big deal of their academic knowledge, often by correcting others unnecessarily or in a socially inappropriate way (That teacher is a pedant).

Know-it-all and pedant refer to similar but not identical types of people. A know-it-all believes they know better than other people (Sometimes being a know-it-all can be helpful), while a pedant places inappropriate emphasis on exactness (It’s hard to have a conversation with a pedant).

✅ Both words are pretty negative, with know-it-all being more informal and pedant less common, even than its adjective form pedantic.

Write about a pedant you know or have heard of with the help of Grammar Coach.

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