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pedant is a synonym of know-it-all

noun [ ped-nt ]

pedant is another word for know-it-all

Know-it-all refers to a person who acts like they know everything and doesn’t listen to other people’s ideas, opinions, or views (I don’t want her on my team because she’s such a know-it-all).

Pedant refers to a person who makes a big deal of their academic knowledge, often by correcting others unnecessarily or in a socially inappropriate way (That teacher is a pedant).

Know-it-all and pedant refer to similar but not identical types of people. A know-it-all believes they know better than other people (Sometimes being a know-it-all can be helpful), while a pedant places inappropriate emphasis on exactness (It’s hard to have a conversation with a pedant).

✅ Both words are pretty negative, with know-it-all being more informal and pedant less common, even than its adjective form pedantic.

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idiosyncratic is a synonym of peculiar

adjective [ id-ee-oh-sin-krat-ik ]

idiosyncratic is another word for peculiar

Peculiar and idiosyncratic both describe something unique to a person (They have an idiosyncratic approach to filing; He had that sense of politeness peculiar to older gentlemen).

Peculiar often means strange and unusual, but in this context it describes a particular and unique characteristic belonging to a person or group of people (A trait peculiar to their family).

Idiosyncratic can be a neutral word like peculiar, but can be used as a polite or discreet way to suggest strangeness or weirdness, especially in someone’s way of approaching the world (He had an idiosyncratic approach to breakfast; Her idiosyncratic handwriting was hard to imitate).

Peculiar used in this way can sound old-fashioned, and idiosyncratic can sound formal.

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stalwart is a synonym of steadfast

adjective [ stawl-wert ]

stalwart is another word for steadfast

Steadfast describes something that is fixed, steady, unwavering, and firm (her steadfast gaze; his steadfast loyalty).

Stalwart describes someone who is firm and uncompromising, though it can also describe someone valiant and brave (He was a stalwart supporter of smart technology).

Stalwart is almost always used to describe a person, emphasizing a sense of dedication, reliability, and steady loyalty (She was a stalwart fan of the actor, no matter how many bad movies they made).

Stalwart can suggest a more intense, firm loyalty and dedication than steadfast.

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