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bygone is a synonym of old

adjective [ bahy-gon ]

bygone is another word for old

Old describes something that belongs to the past, and has gone or faded away (I miss hanging out with my friends in the old days).

Bygone describes something that is past, former, or gone (The photographs reminded her of bygone days).

Old and bygone can both describe a period that is now just in memory, or in history, but old is more general, and doesn’t suggest any particular feeling (The old days weren’t as good as you remember).

Bygone suggests something that evokes nostalgic or wistful feelings (The music was reminiscent of a bygone era).

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twilight is a synonym of evening

noun [ twahy-lahyt ]

twilight is another word for evening

Evening and twilight both refer to a period of the day around sunset, and twilight can also refer to the soft light around sunset or before sunrise (The fireflies came out in the twilight).

✅ Both are used metaphorically to mean the last years of something (I made sure to enjoy the evening of my life; The twilight years of the Victorian period).

Evening, in its straightforward sense, often refers to a longer period of time than twilight, and it is more common to use twilight metaphorically or poetically.

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cessation is a synonym of ending

noun [ se-sey-shuhn ]

cessation is another word for ending

Ending refers to a stop or a coming to an end (The story came to a satisfying ending).

Cessation also refers to a stop, which can be temporary (The countries agreed to a cessation of hostilities during the holiday).

Ending is a more common word (The announcement brought the party to an abrupt ending), while cessation is relatively uncommon and pretty formal (A temporary cessation of the fighting).

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