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dilly-dally is a synonym of dawdle

verb [ dil-ee-dal-ee ]

dilly-dally is another word for dawdle

Dawdle means to waste time, especially by loitering, moving slowly, or taking more time on something than you need to (He dawdled in the store).

Dilly-dally also means to waste time, especially because of being unable to make a decision (Stop dilly-dallying and choose a candy bar).

Dilly-dally implies having trouble making small decisions, or taking a lot of time over them (When it comes to ordering, I wish he wouldn’t dilly-dally so much), while dawdle emphasizes slow movement (She was known to dawdle when she didn’t want to do something).

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snooze is a synonym of sleep

verb [ snooz ]

snooze is another word for sleep

Sleep means to rest, while being fully or partially unconscious (She could sleep anywhere).

Snooze means to sleep, especially for short periods of time, and especially in a light or partially conscious way (I decided to snooze during my lunch break).

Sleep is the more general word, though it can suggest a long period of being unconscious (All we really needed was to sleep more).

Snooze suggests a shorter and less deep rest, either after waking up or at a time you would not normally sleep (I slept badly so I snoozed all afternoon).

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heritage is a synonym of tradition

noun [ her-i-tij ]

heritage is another word for tradition

Tradition refers to something handed down from one generation to the next, such as beliefs or customs (I was raised in the traditions of my people).

Heritage refers to something that has been handed down through generations, or from the past (The country had a long musical heritage).

Heritage usually suggests a cultural characteristic or inherited circumstances such as language or socioeconomic status (a strong heritage of hard work).

Tradition usually suggests customs, beliefs, and ideas often centered on a holiday (It’s a tradition in our family to give presents on Christmas Eve).

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