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receptive is a synonym of open-minded

adjective [ ri-sep-tiv ]

receptive is another word for open-minded

Open-minded describes someone who has a fair mind and is therefore open to new ideas (an open-minded politician).

Receptive describes someone who responds favorably to new ideas, offers, feedback, and similar (a receptive employer).

Receptive and open-minded both describe someone who is willing to hear new things and expose themself to new ideas.

Receptive often suggests that someone is being given new ideas to consider, whereas open-minded suggests that someone is open to new ideas and concepts in a more general way (He was receptive to my opinions on paint colors; He had an open-minded approach to people).

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lagomorph is a synonym of rabbit

noun [ lag-uh-mawrf ]

lagomorph is another word for rabbit

Rabbit refers to a burrowing mammal with large ears and long hind legs, which is smaller than a hare (We saw a rabbit in our garden).

Lagomorph refers to any member of the order Lagomorpha, a category which includes hares, rabbits, and other kinds of rodent-like animals with two pairs of upper incisors (We found fossilized lagomorph droppings during our excavation).

Lagomorph is a scientific term, whereas rabbit is the common term for one kind of lagomorph.

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cranium is a synonym of skull

noun [ krey-nee-uhm ]

cranium is another word for skull

Skull refers to the part of the skeleton that protects the brain and forms the structure of the head. Informally, it can also refer to the brain or mind (I discovered an animal skull in my garden; Get it into your skull that I don’t want to go).

Cranium refers to the skull, especially the part surrounding the brain (We can see an injury to the cranium, perhaps caused by an arrow).

Skull and cranium refer to the same part of the skeleton. Skull has a slightly wider meaning, referring to the entire head, whereas cranium generally refers more specifically to the part of the skull around the brain.

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