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humanitarian is a synonym of do-gooder

noun [ hyoo-man-i-tair-ee-uhn ]

humanitarian is another word for do-gooder

Do-gooder refers to a person who promotes social reform or human and animal welfare, but in a naive and often ineffectual way (She was a do-gooder who jumped from cause to cause).

Humanitarian refers to a person who is actively focused on promoting human welfare and social reform (He was a lifelong humanitarian).

Do-gooder and humanitarian both refer to people who want to make the world a better place. Humanitarian is a positive word, but do-gooder is usually negative and derogatory (The last thing we need is another do-gooder trying to fix things; She left finance and became a humanitarian).

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inventive is a synonym of creative

adjective [ in-ven-tiv ]

inventive is another word for creative

Creative describes having the ability and inclination to create things, especially based on an original idea (He was a very creative child).

Inventive describes being good at coming up with new ideas, inventions, and solutions, or being good at improvising (She was an inventive cook).

Creative emphasizes imagination, or being talented at various art forms (The costume designers had a lot of creative ideas).

Inventive emphasizes the ability to come up with something totally fresh and new (It was an inventive retelling of Cinderella).

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receptive is a synonym of open-minded

adjective [ ri-sep-tiv ]

receptive is another word for open-minded

Open-minded describes someone who has a fair mind and is therefore open to new ideas (an open-minded politician).

Receptive describes someone who responds favorably to new ideas, offers, feedback, and similar (a receptive employer).

Receptive and open-minded both describe someone who is willing to hear new things and expose themself to new ideas.

Receptive often suggests that someone is being given new ideas to consider, whereas open-minded suggests that someone is open to new ideas and concepts in a more general way (He was receptive to my opinions on paint colors; He had an open-minded approach to people).

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