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endearing is a synonym of lovable

adjective [ en-deer-ing ]

endearing is another word for lovable

Lovable and endearing both describe someone or something who easily attracts love and affection from people.

Lovable describes someone who is easy to love, and is amiable and good-natured (a lovable character; The kitten was very lovable).

Endearing generally describes a person’s manner or expressions that evoke a sense of affection in someone else (His shyness was endearing; an endearing smile).

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fret is a synonym of worry

verb [ fret ]

fret is another word for worry

Worry means to distress yourself with negative thoughts (I worry about what might happen during my commute).

Fret means to feel or express discontent or a sense of concern or anxiety (I often fret about an upcoming trip).

Worry particularly suggests a mental fixation, whereas fret particularly suggests expressing this fixation with words or actions (He worried about our safety, but never showed it; He fretted about whether we would get cold and packed us extra gloves).

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jaunt is a synonym of walk

noun [ jawnt ]

jaunt is another word for walk

Walk and jaunt can both refer to journeys made at an easy to moderate pace (I went for a walk around the neighborhood; We decided to go on a quick jaunt and see if we could find any interesting stores).

✅ A walk can be any length or have any purpose, and it is a pretty general term (I go on a long walk every weekend; I never got my license because I can walk everywhere I need to go).

✅ A jaunt doesn’t have to be done by walking, and includes elements of fun and whimsy (We went on a jaunt around the city).

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